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Galaktion Volkov
Galaktion Volkov

Wasteland (2013)

The following years saw more growth, and more spectacle, as attendees began to unveil campsites, vehicles, and costumes that they had worked on for years, inspired by their first visits to the annual gathering. In fact, by 2014 there were over 100 custom-made vehicles driven out to the event, from all over the continent. The live music aspect of the event began to come into its own as well, with a full lineup of bands playing on a custom-built Wasteland main stage in both 2013 and 2014. Other ongoing fixtures of the Wasteland Weekend environment also emerged over the years, including the car cruises, bounty hunting games, bonfire dance pit, film festival, fire spinning area, post office, RC car battles, the wasteland-makeover beauty parlor known as the Body Shop, and more.

Wasteland (2013)

A spreading contagion in the Chicago wastelands turns the residents of the Windy City into vicious monsters. Will these creatures and the giant bat-faced monsters stop the B.P.R.D. from saving their missing agents?

246-17 Development and maintenance of wasteland development property. Within one year following the approval of the application, the owner shall develop that portion of the owner's land as specified in the owner's application and as approved by the director of taxation. Additional areas shall be developed each year as prescribed by the director. [L 1965, c 255, 6; Supp, 128-9.35; HRS 246-17; gen ch 1985] 041b061a72


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