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Guide To Read Handicap 1 goal in Football Betting

Football betting is becoming increasingly attractive, attracting a large number of players to participate. This form of betting brings many wonderful, unexpected, and exciting experiences to players. Among them are countless handicap bets for you to choose from. One standout option is the handicap 1 goal bet, which boasts a high winning rate. To better understand this type of bet, let's delve into the content of the following betting tips for today together with Wintips.

Understanding the handicap 1 goal bet

The handicap 1 goal bet is garnering a lot of attention from players. Below is specific information about this type of bet that you should know:

What is the handicap 1 goal bet?

Professional sports bettors are certainly no strangers to the 1 goal handicap bet, denoted as (1, 1.0). This handicap ratio often appears in matches where there is a large difference in strength between the two teams.

The stronger, higher-rated teams will give a 1 goal handicap to the weaker team. The favored teams often have stable playing form, consistent player quality, and smooth gameplay.

Conversely, the underdog teams often exhibit various issues such as erratic performance, lack of a consistent playing style, and consecutive losses. For this type of bet, there are three possible outcomes:

If the favored team wins by a margin of 2 goals or more, those who chose them will win their bet. Conversely, those who chose the underdog will lose their entire stake.

If the favored team only wins by a margin of 1 goal, both sides will tie and no one will lose their bet.

In the event that the favored team draws or loses to the underdog team, those who placed bets will lose their entire stake. When you choose the underdog, you win the full amount.

Example of a handicap 1 goal bet

Take the match between Thailand and Vietnam in the World Cup qualifying round for the Asian region as an example. In this handicap, the home team Thailand is the favorite with a 1 goal handicap against Vietnam as the underdog. The betting odds are Thailand to win at 0.95, while Vietnam to win would earn 0.87.

After analysis, an investor decides to choose Vietnam as the underdog to place a $100 bet. The possible outcomes are:

Vietnam draws or wins against Thailand: The player wins the bet and receives a prize of $100 × 0.87 = $87.

The match ends with Thailand winning by a margin of 1 goal: The bet is a tie, and the player will receive back the $100 wagered.

Thailand wins the match by a margin of 2 goals or more: The player is declared to have lost the bet and loses the entire bet amount.

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Tips for Effective Handicap Betting

Once you grasp the concept of handicap betting, it's crucial to explore strategies to secure victories and maximize profits.

Thoroughly Research Teams

Regularly seek vital information about teams meticulously. This plays a pivotal role in making the most accurate decisions. Understand their position in the standings, goal-scoring efficiency, current form, starting lineup, tactics, etc.

Stay Updated on Odds

An effective betting trick is to monitor odds fluctuations. Prior to matches, regularly visit betting websites as odds tend to change frequently. This helps in avoiding traps set by bookmakers to lure players into continuous losses.

Smart Wagering

Regardless of the activity, it's essential to devise a detailed plan for the betting process. Set a specific limit and adhere to it strictly, whether winning or losing. Avoid reckless gambling or going all-in on the first bet to mitigate significant risks of losses.

In scenarios where the performance gap between teams isn't substantial but the bookmaker offers a one-goal handicap, consider betting on the underdog. This might be a trap set by the bookmaker to lure bettors.

Maintain a Relaxed Mindset

Keeping a stable psychological state is crucial for success in soccer betting. Always prepare with a composed mindset, stay cool-headed, and don't let external factors influence your emotions. Avoid succumbing to herd mentality, and rely on accurate predictions based on experience and existing knowledge.


Precise and effective strategies daily betting tips app for handicap betting have been specifically outlined in this article. By leveraging personal experience and learning from seasoned players, you can make informed decisions with high winning probabilities. Remember to place your bets with reputable bookmakers for the best possible betting experiences.


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