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[S3E18] Guilt _TOP_

We got flashbacks to his time with Gwyn on that morning, and he got to express his guilt that he was unable to save her. In some ways, they needed to touch on that a bit as he seemed unaffected by her death, but possibly in the way that one protects their emotions and heart when they've already experienced many losses.

[S3E18] Guilt

Doctor Bashir and Elim Garak are having their usual lunch together in the Replimat as Garak produces a gift for Bashir: a Cardassian enigma tale holonovel. Although Bashir usually enjoys mystery novels, he confesses his dislike for Cardassian ones, as the suspects are always guilty. Garak points out that the challenge is figuring out who is guilty of what. Bashir reveals that he feels glum because it is his 30th birthday, a sign in Human culture that one has lost one's youth, which contrasts the Cardassian view that growing old is a sign of power and dignity. The conversation is interrupted when Quark approaches with a Lethean companion named Altovar, who is interested in purchasing bio-mimetic gel. Everyone present knows purchasing the gel is illegal under Federation law, but the Lethean "convinced" Quark to bring his request to Bashir. He offers to buy the gel at any price, storming off angrily when Bashir firmly refuses.

His speech made everyone go on a suicide charge with him, therefore after he would survive his guilt of fallen comrades would be unmeasurable. The charge was his final decision and his final redemption.

Four cast members of SVU who would recur in subsequent years first appeared in the third season. In "Counterfeit," Robert John Burke began playing NYPD Internal Affairs Sergeant Ed Tucker when it is believed that the Special Victims Unit has been guilty of misconduct. Peter Hermann first played Defense Attorney Trevor Langan in "Monogamy," the episode on which Hermann and Hargitay, who would later marry, first met. The show later hinted in future seasons a light romantic flame between them. In "Surveillance," Joel de la Fuente first appears as the Technical Assistance Response Unit analyst Ruben Morales; at auditions the character was called "Burt Trevor," but this name was given to a different technician.[6] Finally, Judith Light joined the recurring cast in "Guilt" as Alex Cabot's strict boss, Bureau Chief ADA Elizabeth Donnelly. Light was already a fan of the program, saying "You can see when you watch a show like this, the level of professionalism going into it."[7]

That night, Cory looks out his kitchen window while studying and sees a few shadowy thugs trashing Mr. Feeny's house. They break a window, hear Feeny yell from within, and scatter. Cory notices Feeny's look of despair, and feels bad. The next day, Cory learns that the act has convinced Feeny to retire. He says the number of disgruntled students is larger than ever, and he's no longer an effective teacher. Cory bickers with Shawn, because Shawn knew of their plan and didn't stop it from happening. Cory also admits he feels guilty for starting the whole thing.

They ruminate on the nature of guilt, absolution, forgiveness, faith and the intercession of God as they recall the fate of another man who also made mistakes and tried to fix them, and whose life ended tragically at Sully's hand.

Fallon tries to secure Liam's favorite singing duo, Kelly and Donna, to sing at their wedding. Kirby is still mad at Sam, but her sexual relationship with Adam has resumed. Adam's supervisor, Dr. Bailey, threatens to have him fired for stealing drugs for Jeff, but intimates that she might forget about it if he stops rejecting her advances. Cristal feels guilty about kissing Caleb. Blake buys her a diamond necklace that, according to Fallon, means Blake has done something bad, and Cristal soon figures out that he slept with Laura. Jeff and Sam bond, and Jeff realizes that his marriage to Alexis only made sense when he thought he was dying. Blake misses Cristal's hospital gala to deal with a crisis involving Carrington Atlantic oil tankers in Moldavia. Kirby coerces Cristal into getting Adam out of trouble by threatening to reveal the secret that Cristal kissed Caleb. Fallon embarrasses herself trying to impress Kelly and Donna, but steps in to sing with Donna when Kelly falls ill. Caleb comes to Cristal's rescue, and they have sex. Michael asks Fallon to help him get back at Dominique and Vanessa. Adam tells Cristal that Blake and Anders have been kidnapped in Moldavia.[3]

At Chicago Med, all of 51 gathers when news breaks that the baby Herrmann rescued developed a blood clot. While they wait on word from the doctors, Chaplain Orlovsky stops by to chat with Herrmann. Surprisingly, Herrmann reveals a deep guilt for rescuing the baby - what was the point if the baby was going to go through hell afterwards? Orlovsky urges him to focus on the righteousness of his action rather than the unfortunate state of the present. He's a firefighter, after all - this is part of the job. However, when the doctor announces that the baby did not survive the surgery, Herrmann struggles to hide his emotions. It's not until he attends church with his family and listens to Orlovsky speak about loss and faith that Herrmann finally feels at peace - lucky and happy to be a loving father and husband.

The battered body of a five-year-old girl in foster care is discovered and suspicion soon turns to members of the girl's foster family as well as to the girl's biological mother; who is the real guilty party and who is only a red herring?

Tired, that's what Marcy was. She was tired of everything, the late and missing assignments, the guilt, the nightmares, the bullying, and just everything in general. They wanted to die in Sasha's arms, and she could. They could peacfully die in Sasha's arms tonight, she could leave this world behind, not worry about anything but the warmth of Sasha's arms around her.

Chloe approaches Mrs. Taylor as she is arriving at the school with her son Will. She tries to interview her again and Mrs. Taylor says that the only downside of teaching is hiding her past. She continues to say that she changed her name after playing a minor part in a radical group that blew up a bank in 1972. She is guilt-ridden and upset and Will is horrified. He leads his mom away and tells Chloe to stay away from them.

A fully-recovered Chloe goes to Clark's loft to apologize and thank him for saving her. She feels guilty about what she did and confesses to Clark that she was on her way to ask his parents the truth about him. Clark is surprised, but he says that she wasn't herself. Chloe is very upset and regretful at her actions and says that maybe the serum brought out her real personality. She is afraid that one day she will use up all of her chances to say she is sorry. Clark tells her that today's not that day and gives her a hug.

Enlisting the help of recovering serial killer, Alaric (Matthew Davis), the men whittle 12 stakes for 12 chances to kill their enemies. While they begin to plan their attack, Alaric reveals that he wants to turn himself in for killing innocent founding families. Damon and Stefan aren't willing to let Alaric give into his guilt though, and tell him that since Bonnie's herbs are healing him, he needs to stick around to help kill the originals. Damon throws Alaric is magic ring, You're going vampire hunting...wear it.

Talking Angela and Talking Ginger accidentally break Talking Ben's newest invention, the Nano-Laser, while goofing around with a soccer ball in the garage. Ginger begs Angela not to say anything, so she tries to cover up their crime. But as guilt drives her crazy, she has to decide if she's going to tell her friend the truth - even if he never forgives her.

Meanwhile at Combat Putpost Reading, Korengal Vally in Afghanistan, Clay was still ridding out his punishment defending the border with a group of new recruits. He took note of the physical whereabouts of the enemy who had been watching them, noting they had followed a pattern. He correctly calculated where they would be watching from that night. He brought with him two eager recruits. While on Lookout, almost at the exact time he gassed, three men approached. Clay took out all three of them with a single shot each. However as a result, the base met with retaliation and three more men had arrived to attack them including one with a missile launch. Airstrike was still an hour out, so Clay decided to take two more recruits with him, as he needed them as spotters while he attempted to annihilate the target. After getting a close enough advantage in the field, he took them out. However one of the kids were shot. He carried him back and they were able to stitch him up. The kid was incredibly proud of what he had done, but Clay felt nothing by guilt for getting him in that situation. Clay was being called back to his team's base, and apologize for getting them into that situation, as it was he who kicked the Hornets nest.

Sam realizes soon after his leap into Gordon that his mission is not only to protect Diane from the wrath of her former boss, but, instead of delivering her to jail as his new job description, via his leapee, entails, but rather, to vindicate her name, but not so much as to prove or disprove her guilt in the embezzlement conviction, but to vindicate her as to the reason why she did what she did, as it's later revealed in the episode that the sheriff whom Gordon was employed by, Sheriff Michaels (Cliff Bemis) is on the take, having made a deal with Rodney to apprehend Diane out of Gordon's hands, with the intent to kill her for stealing his ill-gotten gains, as the past history of events, in which Gordon is shot to death by Diane, and then she by Sheriff Micheals and Owens, is avoided as Sam and she are able to put down the threat to their life when Sam gets into a scuffile with Owens and takes his gun.

AJ: That's also too what I don't really understand, because like I said before, I couldn't figure out if it was their plan all along to do this. They were just that evil or if it was something specific that happened that turned them against her later on. There's more of an answer a bit later that I will get into. A theory that's out there. The DNA results from Shelia's trunk that the FBI took did come back in April, 2013 and were confirmed had belonged to Skylar. This finally gave the police the smoking gun that they needed. They knew that there was Skylar's DNA in the trunk of that car. On May 1st, 2013, Rachel pled guilty to second degree murder. That same day that Rachel pled guilty, the police went and apprehended Shelia and charged her with first degree murder. Shelia was out for dinner with her mother at the Cracker Barrel restaurant when the police or the FBI came and arrested her. Just an interesting detail. According to Dateline, Rachel pled guilty to the lesser charge of second degree murder because of her cooperation with the police earlier in the investigation. I guess that was their deal. They say, "If you help us you can get second degree." Shelia was given the heavier charges of first degree murder, which paints her as the aggressor, and Rachel as someone who might have just been coaxed into it by Shelia. There was that debate of who out of the two girls was the aggressor, so to speak. It's crazy that Rachel could even plead guilty to second degree murder. She literally admitted to planning it out for months, which is the exact opposite of second degree murder. It's crazy that they still allowed her to do that, but I guess if they had a deal with her that she helped them, that they had to allow that. Shelia's cousin, Chrissy Swanson says on Dr. Phil, that she believes Rachel was the mastermind behind it all, because she says that Rachel was, "creepy." She told Shelia that she never wanted to be around Rachel. She gave an overall creepy vibe. Shelia and Chrissy were very close so Chrissy's adamant that Shelia would not be capable of masterminding the murder. It's not in line with the person that she knew her whole life. She also says to Dr. Phil, that she, and this episode of Dr. Phil's from 2014, so this would've been right after the trials happened. It's eight years ago now, but she says that she had written back and forth to Shelia, since her arrest, but not once did Shelia ever mention the case, mention anything about what happened? It's almost as if she was trying to detach herself from it all. It's also very awkward small talk with someone. How are you not gonna talk about that? It's literally the elephant in the room. So do you guys have any thoughts maybe about who you think might have been the aggressor? I mean, they're both obviously guilty if they both did it and they both knowingly did it and planned it, but do you have an opinion of who may have been the initial instigator? 041b061a72


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