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Galaktion Volkov
Galaktion Volkov

Lumberhill Download !FULL! For Pc [Patch]

razor games announced the official release of lumberhill. this latest version of their games is now available, offering all new exciting features. download link will be available at the end of the press release, so stay tuned!

Lumberhill download for pc [Patch]

if a tree falls down, you can cut it down and make use of the branches and the trunk of the tree. if there are vines on the trunk, you can cut those as well. if a tree has a wide trunk, it may be easier to cut the trunk with two cuts, while if the trunk is narrow, three cuts can be used to make it easier to cut the tree down. after cutting the tree, you can use it as a building material to create your own house, dig a mine or build a road. you can also find much more use for the trees and their leaves.

do not cut any tree that has berries or leaves. the berries are soft and can be a nice way of boosting the players health or even making them invulnerable if they eat them all. the leaves can also be used to play hide & seek with the people playing the game, or pick up information about the people playing the game.

soon after we announced, we began to get quite a lot of requests for a non-english version of the game. because we had been involved with this, and because we knew that a lot of fans of these obscure titles would love to play the game in their native language, we happily provided the turkish, dutch, russian, portuguese, spanish and french versions of the game. on the day of the release of the game we received an email from a fan who was one of the first to point this out. he has however wished not to disclose his name, as this was not part of his original plan to report such. thank you, anonymous star wars fan!


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