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Galaktion Volkov
Galaktion Volkov

Aucotec Engineering Base V621 ^NEW^

Innovation Management (IM) is a discipline that focuses on the interaction of numerous stakeholders in order to change the existing business situation and therefore also needs an interdisciplinary approach. Additionally there is a need for new products in the industry, which also require an interdisciplinary approach to design a product within time and cost pressures. Today, there are several already existing methods to manage the complexity of the process. However, the complexity is continuously increasing and therefore it is important to use a multi-disciplinary approach. The model based systems engineering (MBSE) approach is used for instance by the VDI 2206 guideline, and is one of the biggest innovations in the MBSE field [4]. The current MBSE trends focus on virtual testing as a possible solution to reduce the overall cost of the process and to obtain a better traceability of the product.

Aucotec Engineering Base V621

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Many models for system engineering exist, which range from simple prototyping models to models that explicitly capture all relevant knowledge about the system. When models are comprehensively described and documented, they can be used for the specification of a system. Model-Based Requirements Engineering (MBRE) is a systematic approach for the analysis and specification of requirements in the context of a problem that covers the wide variety of stakeholders. It is understood as the process of specifying the functional, performance, and reliability specifications of a system in the form of a system model based on an external system model. The functional and performance specifications are understood as system properties, which can be validated against either external or internal models. The resulting models specify the requirements in an abstract way. This allows for the consistent specification of requirements for the design. It also allows for the formulation and visualization of the internal system model, which offers a better traceability of the used design concepts and their properties for the development process.


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