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James Ealy
James Ealy

Ascoma ##HOT##

Technical Abstract: During a survey of tropical Ascomycetes from Mexico, an interesting fungus was isolated from sandy beach soil collected from the Gulf of Mexico seacoast. The fungus produces a rudimentary ascoma with oblate, smooth-walled, unornamented, greenish ascospores and lacks a distinctive peridium surrounding the ascospores. These characteristics place the fungus in the Onygenales (Gymnoascaceae). Comparison with published species descriptions indicate that it is an undescribed species, and therefore we are proposing a new species to accomodate this fungus. Based on morphological characters and phylogenetic analysis of 18S rDNA sequences, this fungus is close to but separate from Gymnascella species. Generic placement, however, is complicated by nomenclaatural problems, which are discussed in the paper.




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