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The Seventh Tower: A Dark and Magical Fantasy Series by Garth Nix

If you are looking for a thrilling and imaginative fantasy series that will keep you hooked from start to finish, you should check out The Seventh Tower by Garth Nix. This series consists of six books that follow the adventures of two children from different societies in a world where darkness reigns. The series is full of action, mystery, magic, and friendship, as well as exploring themes such as identity, loyalty, courage, and diversity. In this article, we will give you an overview of the series, its author, and its main elements.

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The Setting: A World of Darkness, Ice, and Light

The Seventh Tower takes place in a world where the sun is blocked by a magical Veil that covers the entire sky. This creates a Dark World where only one place ever sees the light: the Castle. The Castle is a huge structure that rises above the clouds and has seven towers that represent the colors of the rainbow. The people who live in the Castle are called the Chosen, and they use special crystals called Sunstones to create artificial light and heat.

Below the Castle lies a vast expanse of ice called the Ice. The Ice is home to nomadic tribes of warriors called Icecarls, who survive by hunting beasts and fishing. The Icecarls have a strong sense of honor and tradition, and they worship their ancestors who are buried in ice tombs. The Icecarls also have a sacred duty to guard the Veil from any threats.

The Characters: Two Children from Different Societies

The main protagonists of the series are Tal and Milla, two children from opposite sides of the Dark World.

Tal is a Chosen boy who lives in the Red Tower of the Castle. He comes from a noble family that has fallen on hard times due to his father's disappearance. Tal needs a Sunstone to enter the Hall of Nightmares, a place where he can contact his missing father and save his sick mother. However, his Sunstone is stolen by a mysterious stranger, and he is forced to venture outside the Castle to find another one.

Milla is an Icecarl girl who belongs to the Far-Raiders clan. She dreams of becoming a Shield Maiden, a warrior who protects her people from the dangers of the Ice. She is chosen to accompany a group of hunters who go to the Castle to steal a Sunstone for their clan leader. There, she meets Tal and saves him from a deadly creature. She also accidentally bonds with his Spiritshadow, a magical companion that comes from another world.

Tal and Milla are initially hostile and distrustful of each other, as they come from different cultures and have different goals. However, they soon realize that they have to work together to survive and uncover the secrets of their world. Along the way, they meet allies and enemies, and discover that an evil force is threatening to destroy the Veil and plunge the Dark World into chaos.

The Magic: Sunstones, Spiritshadows, and Aenir

The Seventh Tower features a unique and fascinating magic system that involves three main elements: Sunstones, Spiritshadows, and Aenir.

Sunstones are crystals that can store and emit light. They are used by the Chosen to create artificial light sources, manipulate objects, and cast spells. The color and brightness of a Sunstone indicate the rank and power of its owner. The Chosen also use Sunstones to enter Aenir, a dream world where they can find and bond with Spiritshadows.

Spiritshadows are magical companions that can change shape and have personalities. They are manifestations of the souls of living beings from Aenir, such as animals, plants, or even rocks. They are bound to their Chosen or Icecarl partners by a Sunstone, and they share their thoughts and emotions. Spiritshadows can also help their partners in combat, scouting, or healing.

Aenir is a dream world where Spiritshadows come from and where powerful beings live. It is a place of wonder and danger, where anything can happen. The Chosen and the Icecarls can enter Aenir by using Sunstones, but they have to be careful not to disturb the balance of the world or anger its inhabitants. Aenir is also the source of the Veil, the mysterious barrier that separates the Dark World from the sun.

The Plot: A Quest to Save the Dark World from an Ancient Evil

The Seventh Tower follows Tal and Milla as they embark on a quest to save their world from an ancient evil that has returned after two thousand years.

They learn that the Veil was created by a pact between the Chosen and the Icecarls to stop a warlord named Sushin, who wanted to conquer both societies with his army of shadowguards. Shadowguards are corrupted Spiritshadows that have been twisted by dark magic. Sushin was defeated by the Violet Keystone, a powerful artifact that controls the Veil.

However, Sushin has somehow survived and has been secretly plotting to break the Veil and unleash his shadowguards on the Dark World. He has also corrupted some of the Chosen and the Icecarls to serve him as spies and traitors. Tal and Milla must find the Violet Keystone before Sushin does, and use it to restore the Veil and stop Sushin's evil plan.

The Themes: Identity, Loyalty, Courage, and Friendship

The Seventh Tower explores various themes that are relevant and relatable to readers of all ages.

One of the main themes is identity. Tal and Milla both struggle with finding their place in their respective societies, as well as in the larger world. They both face challenges that force them to question their values and beliefs, as well as their roles and responsibilities. They also learn more about their origins and histories, which shape their identities in different ways.

Another theme is loyalty. Tal and Milla both have to deal with betrayal and deception from people they trusted or respected. They also have to decide who they can trust and who they can rely on in times of crisis. They have to balance their loyalty to their families, clans, friends, or partners with their loyalty to themselves or their ideals.

A third theme is courage. Tal and Milla both have to overcome their fears and prejudices in order to face dangers and difficulties. They have to show courage not only in physical battles, but also in moral dilemmas and emotional conflicts. They have to stand up for what they think is right, even if it means going against authority or convention.

A fourth theme is friendship. Tal and Milla start off Here is the rest of the article. I hope you enjoy it. A fourth theme is friendship. Tal and Milla start off as enemies, but they gradually become friends as they help each other and learn from each other. They also make other friends along their journey, such as Crow, a rebel Underfolk who wants to free his people from the Chosen's oppression; Adras and Odris, a pair of twins who are the last of the Storm Shepherds, a race of flying beings who can control the weather; and Ebbitt, a mysterious old man who knows more than he lets on. Their friendship gives them strength and hope in the face of adversity.

Conclusion: Why You Should Read The Seventh Tower Series

The Seventh Tower is a captivating and imaginative fantasy series that will appeal to readers of all ages. It has a compelling story that combines action, mystery, magic, and friendship. It has a rich and diverse world that is full of wonders and dangers. It has relatable and likable characters that grow and change throughout the series. It also explores themes that are relevant and meaningful, such as identity, loyalty, courage, and diversity.

If you are looking for a fantasy series that will keep you entertained and engaged, you should read The Seventh Tower by Garth Nix. You will not regret it.


Here are some frequently asked questions about The Seventh Tower series:

  • Q: Who is Garth Nix?

  • A: Garth Nix is an Australian author who writes fantasy and science fiction books for children and young adults. He is best known for his Old Kingdom series, which includes Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen, Clariel, and Goldenhand. He has also written other series such as Keys to the Kingdom, Troubletwisters, and Frogkisser!

  • Q: How many books are in The Seventh Tower series?

  • A: There are six books in The Seventh Tower series: The Fall, Castle, Aenir, Above the Veil, Into Battle, and The Violet Keystone. They were published between 2000 and 2001 by Scholastic and LucasFilm.

  • Q: What is the reading level of The Seventh Tower series?

  • A: The Seventh Tower series is suitable for readers aged 9 and up. It has a Lexile measure of 680L-740L, which corresponds to grades 4-5.

  • Q: Where can I buy or download The Seventh Tower series?

  • A: You can buy or download The Seventh Tower series from various online platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, Apple Books, or Audible. You can also check your local library or bookstore for availability.

  • Q: Is there a movie or TV adaptation of The Seventh Tower series?

  • A: As of now, there is no movie or TV adaptation of The Seventh Tower series. However, there have been rumors that Netflix or Disney+ might be interested in adapting it in the future.



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