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Noah Foster
Noah Foster

Hearthstone Download Problems on Mobile: How to Fix Them

In the phone settings for the app i enabled mobile data to download any files that coem through. The only thing i can surmise is that my data carrier is throttling my data for this app since i cant run it on mobile data with either my settings or default setting in place ???

Now, after downloading, you wont generally be able to just click on the resulting .exe file to launch it with Wine, because you need the environment variables WINEARCH and WINEPREFIX. So in general you launch it from terminal with

hearthstone wont download on phone

The Twentysided RSS feeds seem to always work fine.Now that the Diecast podcast feeds work again on Apple, it saves me time in finding the update, downloading, moving to my phone, syncing, and then remembering to clean it up later. Thanks for the effort!


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