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Do you want 99.999% level of air purification at your medical facility?

Airgle cHEPA filter features a level of purification that is medical and clean room rated at an efficiency up to 99.999%.

Hospital-Grade Air Purification Systems The Airgle AG900, originally designed for hospitals, can introduce mechanical distancing TM for your employees by powerfully and rapidly purifying the air. Combined with frequent and consistent surface sanitation, Airgle Clean Room Air Purifiers can help improve productivity and reduce preventable absences through a clean and productive work environment.

But, how? The media says viruses are too small to be captured by filters. It is true that even standard HEPA filters clean only to 0.3μm. It is also true that nanoparticles, such as viruses, can pass through ordinary filters and may remain airborne almost indefinitely. Influenza and corona viruses can be as small as 0.08 μm. And, the common cold virus is even smaller: only 30nm (0.03μm).

The Airgle AG900 is different:

1. MERV-19, cHEPA Filter removes particles as small as 3nm (0.003μm) with a 99.999% efficiency.

2. Patented Titanium Pro® module sends out millions of hydroxyl radicals into the air to destroy harmful organics, like viruses.

3. 6 lbs. of activated carbon blend in the Gas & Odor Filter removes dangerous gasses and chemicals. 4. The AG900 removes 99.9999% of bacteria.

It’s quiet and highly efficient fan ensures fast room air changes. An air change is when the entire volume of air in a room has been processed through the purification system. ACH refers to the number of air changes per hour.

1) Third party permeability testing. 2) Thousands of research papers detail the ability of hydroxyl radicals to inactivate or destroy viruses, bacteria, VOCs and other organic materials in the air and on surfaces. 3) Third party test results.

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