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Do you ever wonder what the Pro Madden players know that you don't?

Do you ever wonder what the Pro Madden Madden 24 coins players know that you don't? Well, wonder no more because we're about to reveal some of those secrets that Pro Madden playersDo you ever wonder what the Pro Madden players know that you don't? use to dominate their opponents in Madden 24. These tips cover both offensive and defensive strategies that will give you an edge on the virtual gridiron.

1. Play Action Blocking vs. The Blitz

If you've spent any time playing Madden, you're well aware that players love to Blitz. It's a surefire way to disrupt your offense, force sacks, or generate interceptions. Madden's offensive line isn't known for its stellar performance, and when your opponent dials up a blitz, it can be challenging to protect your quarterback. Pro Madden players have a secret weapon in their arsenal for countering blitzes: Play Action (PA) blocking.

The key to using PA blocking effectively is to pick a suitable play action play. A great example is the play "PA Boot Over" out of formations like Gun Bunch Tight End. PA plays like this have well-designed routes that are challenging for the defense to defend. There are two ways to use play action to thwart blitzes:

Run the play action as intended: When the defense isn't pass committing, the blitz is often fooled, allowing you to gain valuable yards.

Cancel the play action: Right after hiking the ball, hold down the right trigger (R2 on PlayStation) to cancel the fake handoff. This causes outside blitzers, like cornerbacks or linebackers, to rush inside toward the offensive line instead of taking the wide route. This subtle change makes it difficult for your opponent to generate pressure from the edge.

2. Zig Routes vs. Man Coverage

Madden players encounter man coverage frequently, and it can be challenging to beat. Pro Madden players employ the zig route to exploit man coverage consistently. To use the zig route effectively:

Press the corresponding button (Y or Triangle) to select cheap mut 24 coins the receiver running the zig route.

Activate the zig route by pushing the left analog stick in that direction.

This route involves a fake to the inside, followed by a sharp cut to the outside, often leaving the defender trailing. It works against man coverage approximately 80% of the time, making it an essential tool for frustrating opponents relying on man coverage or man blitzes.

3. The Juke Move: A Ball Carrier's Best Friend

The juke move stands as the most overpowered ball carrier move in Madden 24. To excel as a ball carrier, mastering the juke is crucial. It consistently fakes out defenders, even user-controlled ones. Combine this move with the "jukebox" ability found in many running backs, and you become a formidable force on the field.

Avoid relying on other ball carrier moves like spins, hurdles, or stiff arms, as the juke move surpasses them all in terms of effectiveness. Watch professional players, and you'll see them juke their way through defenders in the open field, maximizing yardage gains.

4. RPO Stretches: Unstoppable Running Plays

Run-Pass Option (RPO) stretches are exceptionally potent in Madden 24. These plays are the best way to run the ball, and nearly every playbook contains some variation of them. What sets RPO stretches apart is that they don't trigger the adaptive AI, which adjusts defensive reactions to repetitive plays.

While running standard stretch plays or dives repeatedly prompts the defense to shed blocks more quickly, RPO stretches remain immune to this. Pro players turn to RPO stretches to consistently gain yards and maintain unpredictability in their running game.

5. Diving into the End Zone: The Ultimate Goal-Line Strategy

When you find yourself inches away from the end zone, consider employing the diving technique. Pro players use this method to bypass the crowded goal-line area. To perform a diving touchdown:

As soon as your ball carrier gets the ball, hold the dive button (X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation).

This technique allows your ball carrier to leap over the offensive line and into the end zone. Surprisingly, fumbles are rare in this situation, even when taking hits midair. It's a reliable method for scoring in short-yardage situations.

By incorporating these five offensive and defensive Pro tips into your Madden 24 gameplay, you'll be better prepared to outmaneuver your opponents, whether you're facing a relentless blitz or a tight man coverage scheme. Master these techniques, and watch your Madden skills soar to new heights.


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